• But there was something -- a quickening, almost a giddiness. No raff could give him a hard time if... let me help, Milady.
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    But they had been in Madame Tussaud's only a few moments when she realized her error. There's years, and there's experience: at sixteen, Barton's got some advantage on you, I think.

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    Un covered oar-ports could become a hazard in open waters. What were you doing on Greenbriar at this time of night?
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  • Kirk and Jenny walked through the newsroom to the small studio complex that neighbored it. We're looking for an American fugitive from justice, and I've got to ask for your help.
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    Tombo's end is not given me to know, but I know my own, that rushes towards me like Triple-T. Yet even this we will risk if you cannot fill our place.

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  • But the cavalry will be light horse archers, not cataphract lancers.
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    Again Tolo was swung up, this time to a softer seat, and the rain-dotted glassy box with the star emblem on its cover was laid reverently in his arms. Black had slipped a note to Newburgh at the conference table: Take a list of names, so we'll know where we can find experienced officers the next time we need to lose a war.


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  • A neo-pagan Wiccan Coven was in session, and it was looking pretty serious. Katan led them in a headlong gallop to the north, followed by Ananais and twenty warriors.

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  • I had no real reason to trust the man, but all things considered, I had no choice but to place myself in his hands.

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